Abhishek Enterprises

Abhishek enterprises Company was established in 2007 to provide the highest quality engineering services required in the industry. Our services including mechanical design & drawings, electrical control systems design control software & development, PLC programming & system integration etc. AE have serviced many companies in the world, having equipments, installed & supported. We provide electrical control panel with all kind of advance electronic instrument and programmable logic controllers. All kind of interfacing / inter connections as per industry standards & latest technology. Customers get one roof solution for all industrial automation requirement such as instruments , software s and panels. Various type of custom made and application based control panels are available to suit customer needs. We Provide All types of Control panels (MS or SS) with Electronic Instruments, PLC, Communication setup, Energy Meters, Load Controlling and other user requirements. We are also manufacturing all types of ovens i.e. powder coating oven, deck oven, gas oven (LPG & CNG), rotary oven, batch oven, diesel fire, wood fire etc.